Adoption in Progress


Female, 2 years, mixed breed, 35 lbs

Señorita Tita came to greet me with her tail up high. The long trip from Mexico did not seem to bother her much. In fact, nothing much bothers her. Her energy level is high, but her temperament is calm.
Tita is very friendly and polite, very active and bouncy. She does not like the kennel but will go in if asked. Coming from Mexico we were surprised how fine she is with our winter. She won’t need a jacket unless it gets very cold.

Señorita Tita is a happy dog but will need training. She was probably never on a leash before but she is getting used to it. She is annoyed at the leash, does not understand why it is there, but she does not fight it. No aggression toward the leash or the person. If she grabs the leash I can take it out of her mouth and she allows it, no questions asked.

We got her to do all of her business outside by letting her out strategically, especially right after a big drink of water.

Tita seems comfortable with all people and dogs; have not tested her with cats. She likes to give hugs and kisses (she jumps up and licks) and will push over small children if not supervised or trained. A yard would be great to burn off some excess energy.

One thing to look out for is food and other dogs. The first day she became very defensive when our dogs were eating (even though she had food too). On the third day this was better but we still keep them apart when food or treats are involved.

Tita does bark, but not excessively. On walks she does not react to other dogs. In the house she sometimes barks at what we believe are noises from the outside.

Tita is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00