Female, 5 years, Siberian Husky X, 76 lbs

Luna has come a long way in the last few months and she is doing much better in all situations, we have gone for walks with another dog the last few days, just me and the 3 of them and she has been just fine. We have run into random dogs and she is much better and not as snappy, more just eager to say hi. I still have to watch her body language when first meeting other dogs and it's more tricky as you know with Blue there as well because I have to watch his body language at the same time and just make sure all the leashes don't tangle them all up and create a tense situation. I usually let Blue say hi first and then after they are done sniffing and are fine with each other then I let Luna go and say hi and remind her that these are her buddies that she just hasn't met yet and other nice things in a happy puppy dog voice and it usually is just fine. She doesn't like being held back and can be vocal about it, but it's too overwhelming usually for the other dog if they both go to sniff and say hi at the same time. I also want her to follow Blue’s good example of how to meet other dogs..

She is eager to go and say hi and does wag her tail but is fairly dominant and goes right up to them to sniff their face and their backsides so if the other dog is okay with that then its okay but, not all dogs like her being all up in their face so fast so I read the body language of all the dogs and kind of tug her back if the other dog doesn't like it and if she gets that "too serious" look in her eyes. And as you know its when I pull back on the leash she gets more aggressive and growly toward the other dog. So I try to give quick little tugs then stand in front of her and get her to sit and try again after she calms down and she is getting better and more relaxed every time. It’s all about having a slack leash and talking sweetly and being relaxed and I do this right from when we notice the other dog and we sit and calm down instead of just running up to the other dogs to say hi. After they meet and are fine then, it’s just the odd toy or food she might get snappy around but she really is figuring out that most dogs aren't a threat and is getting better every day.

Luna really does love to lean into you and curl up next to you on the couch and loves belly rubs and ear massages and really does seem to like being brushed though doesn't have much to brush as she didn't have a winter coat when I got her since she was from California.

Luna is great when it comes to leashing her and putting a harness on her and she doesn't jump up on people when saying hi or pull like crazy when walking her, and trots along next to me on my bike at an even pace but not super fast like some dogs, she's pretty medium energy really but does get more excited around squirrels and gophers and deer and like most dogs she does like to take her time and stop and smell things quite a bit, but that is really kinda the whole point of the dog walk anyways:)

She likes driving in the truck next to me and jumps in no problem, same with water she is fearless around creeks and will jump right in and stomp around drinking and checking things out.

I free feed her dry food and she loves the frozen meat chunks from the butchers but isn't super interested in treats. She hasn't taken anything off of my counters since the beginning or chewed anything up at all.
She likes her crate but will probably try to sleep in your bed.

She doesn't seem to have the same desire to run the way that my dog does and my dog wants to play with other dogs where Luna isn't really into playing too much, she either doesn't know how, or doesn't want to with them, or with Blue, she's a little too serious or unsure of other dogs still, or too lady like and she is just really picky about who she plays with and we just haven't met them yet? They just aren't the greatest match. She really is a sweetheart to humans though and deserves a house where she is able to receive all the love and attention she does deserve and to be allowed to snuggle up to her human on the couch as she really just loves to do that.

So no young kids, teenagers probably fine, no other pets, fenced yard, allowed on the couch, at least 2 good walks a day hopefully visiting creeks or a lake on both walks as she does love jumping right in and drinking away, no off leash unless totally fenced as she doesn't really come when you call her. Someone that jogged regularly or could ride a bike with her so she could get her exercise in as she does like to trot along at a nice even pace, someone that will really love her as that will be what makes her really blossom, and bits of cheese here and there because who can refuse those puppy dog eyes.

Luna is being fostered in Kimberley, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00