Female, 1 year, chihuahua X

Well, what can I say about this beautiful girl... I know... oh those ears! Salem (we called her Frankie) was supposed to be a foster fail. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to this precious peanut. It is not Salem’s fault; it is our other dog. Our dog is getting more and more reserved around her. She absolutely could be with another dog; she desperately wants to play with ours. She has not been tested with cats.

Salem has come so far in the past week. She is amazing on leash. I bought her a gentle lead and it was a game changer. She ignores dogs and people most of the time. I give her a quick two second drive by sniffing and a treat to move on. She has had a few pee accidents in the house, but generally doing amazing. She does not ask to go out, you have to remind her.

Salem is a bit nippy and mouthy, but we make a loud squeal and remove our hand, then we ignore her. She is getting so much better. Salem gets the zoomies every night and is a huge burst of energy. She can struggle a little to settle after this.

Salem loves all things plushy and fuzzy. She has decapitated two chew toys. We bought her hard plastic ones instead. She loves her squeaky ball and has to be given something better to give it up.
Salem needs to be in a house that is very active and will walk/run/hike with her everyday. You can not leave food around, because she wants it all. We have taught her not to go in our kitchen and this took one day only. I think she can be with older children, but younger children she will want to dominate and eat their toys. You can’t leave anything on the floor like Lego etc.

We took her to have her nails done and the lady did need to muzzle Salem while I held her. She was calm, just wanted to nip. We gave her a shower and she was great.

Salem rides very well in the car and just wants to observe the world around her.

Salem is really good at coming when called in the house (we use Frankie and a clicking sound). She gets lots of little treats for coming.

Salem looks like she would shed, but we haven’t noticed anything so far.

Salem is cuteness through and through! Someone will be so lucky to have her.

Salem is being fostered in Okotoks, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00