Female, 1 year, pit bull X, 43 lbs

Emmie is the sweetest most loving dog who is looking for a home where her people are home lots and willing to spend a ton of time with her. She requires some confidence building as she can be quite shy and unsure in new situations and it can take her a bit to unwind and feel secure in her new routine. She is not a fan of being in a crate, so we have been leaving her in our den when we have to leave the house. She does have some separation anxiety, she will pant and whine when you leave but left in the room with a bed and a chew toy she has not exhibited any destructive behavior. We have only left her for short periods to establish trust we will return and always give her a treat when we are leaving.

She is doing amazing with housetraining, had a few accidents the first few days, but it seems she may have never been in a house before. With positive reinforcement and regular bathroom breaks she has not had an accident since, but she doesn't ask to go out on her own yet. She does best if mom goes out with her and uses the command 'pee', then lots of pets and praises! If put out by herself she waits by the door unsure as she wants to be with her people. Emmie would probably love to sleep in your bed but she does well on the floor of our room on a doggie bed, and will sleep through the night quite well after she is comfortable.

She is very high energy and enjoys a few walks a day and a good wrestle with her foster brother. We have been working on jumping as she likes to jump when she gets excited and will try to see what's on the counter or table. She has come a long way and responds quickly to a sharp "Off!"
Emmie LOVES food, (don't we all?) She is very food motivated and with this have been starting basic commands such as sit and lay down with lots of success!

So far she has been lovely with every dog and person she has met. She will be a bit shy with adult strangers but warms up to kids right away. Again, she has lots of energy so she may overwhelm some dogs, she would be best suited with a social younger energetic dog.

Emmie is curious about cats and will give them a little chase, but she really just wants to be buddies and will lick them and play if they allow her! Dog savvy cats should be fine with Emmie.

Overall Emmie is a wonderful dog who will do best in a house with another dog so she has company as she can get anxious when alone. She will be great in a house with kids that are a bit bigger just because she is working on not jumping and my knock over small children.

Her ideal house will have her people who are home most of the day or work from home would be great, and willing to invest time into helping her become more confident and solid in her manners.

Emmie is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00