Female, 5 years, pit bull X, 59 lbs

Oreo has the sweetest calm and loving soul. She is a fighter and has overcome so many struggles in her life and just wants someone to cuddle with and give kisses to. She loves car rides and going to stores (although she can clear a low shelf with her inquiring nose). She is completely blind, but it won’t stop her and she learns her surroundings fast (just don’t rearrange the furniture often!). Being blind means she will protect herself and if she feels threatened by another dog, she may get snippy. She would do well in a home with no other dogs. She doesn’t care for them much but with submissive dogs that respect her space, she does just fine (currently lives with 6 others of all sizes). Oreo needs a cat free home. She can also jump up and does give aggressive kisses, so I would say kids 14+ (Oreo is very strong). She is amazing on a leash, even being blind. We have taught her the word “beep” if she is close to running into something or walking near a hole – she slows down or moves directions to this command. She has learned “step up” and “step down” for stairs and is learning to slow down. She can also sit and stay (sometimes). Oreo is not an active girl and would rather cuddle on the couch with her family. She doesn’t need a large yard as she just wants to do her business, maybe a little exploring with her amazing nose in the mild weather. If it’s cold or windy, then she only needs a few minutes outside because she hates the cold, but she doesn’t mind being dressed up in a jacket or shirt. She can hold her pee for a long time, so she needs to be led out to go potty. She is pretty predictable in her bathroom breaks and once you know her schedule, she rarely has any accidents. She is non-destructive and once she knows the home layout, she doesn’t have to be crated. She has no food aggression towards humans. She does okay with baths, but I do take her to the vet for nail trims. The perfect home would be a lower energy home, a small private yard, small amount of stairs, older children (or no children), no cats and preferably no other dogs. She needs a comfy bed and couch to cuddle. She has medical needs, but nothing high maintenance. She just wants a family to cuddle with and sunbath beside. Oreo's flank height is 12 to 13 inches.

Oreo is being fostered in Strathmore, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00