Female, 1 year, heeler/Lab X, 40 lbs

London is a sweet, gentle soul who loves snuggles just as much as she loves walks. She is incredibly loyal, and she will follow you wherever you go and try to get as many cuddles as she can. She is a true family dog; she loves children, and she intuitively knows to be gentle and patient around little ones. She can be fearful of strangers and protective of her home. She will bark at new people entering her home or sometimes at men at the park, but she redirects pretty well and will calm down with some soothing words and pets. London is most comfortable around children and women, and she will need some time to warm up to any men in the househol

London’s ideal home would be with a stay-at-home or work-from-home parent, who can give her the time she needs to feel safe and loved. She is slowly getting more confident, but she still wants to be with her person most of the day. She would be happiest in a home with children to play and snuggle with. No kitties or small animals, please, as London has a prey drive, but she might do well with another dog. She is fearful of large dogs and she looks at small dogs the way she looks at cats, so medium-sized dogs would be ideal.

London is housetrained, and she does her business in one spot only (off the grass!). She has started learning commands like “leave it” “let’s go” and “do your business”, and she is eager to learn. She knows which toys are the kids’ and which are hers – even when we leave the kids’ toys on the floor she won’t touch them. London is okay in the car. She is a little fearful, but if she has a bone or a toy for the car ride she is happy! This girl loves her walks and she is great on the leash. She will need a fenced yard, however, as she does not like to do her business on the leash and she will only go off-leash in the backyard.

If you are looking for a sweet, loyal, smart companion for endless snuggles, kisses, and loves, then London is your gal.

London is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00