Female, 7 years, pit bull X, 78 lbs

Caida is a local owner surrender and is looking for a foster home or foster to adopt home.

After assessment by Focused Fido, this is what we have determined Caida to need:

Caida has a love-hate relationship with the cat in her current home. She has not tried to harm the cat but will focus in on and follow the movements the cat makes in certain situations. She may be able to adapt to a new home with another cat IF the cat is dog savvy and confident. Otherwise, no cats would be ideal.

With proper management, infants or toddlers would be fine, but Caida needs to learn appropriate responses around them through training. Her "unpredictability" around young kids is why the current home is surrendering her as they are expecting a baby in a few weeks.

Ongoing training is a must for Caida. She needs to learn how to manage herself in different situations that she has previously not been guided through.

Training Recommendation
The following recommendations are made to help the dog become more adoptable. Foster home would be recommended to have no young/small dogs. Same size or larger dogs would be acceptable as long as they are kept separate for feeding and watched closely in case Caida decides to resource guard food/treats/water. No young children in the immediate household would also be recommended.

Caida will need some guidance on how to not resource guard and how to interact appropriately with younger children. Depending on the foster home she is placed in and the experience they have with working with these issues, they may need support on how to address these behaviors and help shape her into a more stable dog overall.

Adoption costs: $600.00