Female, 1 year, pit bull X, 47 lbs

Meet Duchess!

This sweet girl is around 1 year old. She is incredibly smart, very food motivated and eager to please. We have been teaching her sit, laydown, heel, off (couch when barking), in (crate), stay, and come. Our family has had the pleasure of her company for a week now and I believe if our old guy made a better playmate for her, we would adopt her ourselves. All she wants to do is play play play. She loves tug of war and is excellent at fetch. We recently found out she loves playing with the yard hose as well. Super fun!

We haven't tested her with cats, but she would benefit from a house with another dog that enjoyed play, preferably male says her previous owner. She walks very well with our guy and at night they both sleep soundly with us while we unwind with Netflix. We haven't tested them together without Duchess being leashed as she gets so excited to play with him and wants to jump, wrestle etc. and our guy does not want that to happen. She has lots of puppy energy so a home that could give her tons of exercise, mental stimulation, socialization and interaction would be best.

Duchess is fairly vocal in the house and yard but on walks hasn't barked at passersby unless they get too close, and its obvious that the barking is out of uncertainty/fear. Her ideal family would be home a lot, she has strong separation anxiety and will need to slowly learn that you will always come back. She isn't crate trained but since we've started fostering, she has improved immensely at settling in the crate with consistent reassurance.

She is house trained though has had a few accidents during her stay due to stress. She really does not like being left alone. She panics and will have accidents. She has also had an accident when getting very excited. She is wonderful in the vehicle. Loves car rides and settles in very quickly. During walks Duchess pulls, she is very strong and we are working on her skills, she's incredibly receptive and easy to redirect.

We have a 4 yr old in the house and Duchess is wonderful with her, though when she gets really excited she can become unaware of her size and strength and jump. She's not mouthy at all and with supervision and calm play she would be totally fine in a home with children. She takes treats gently and avoids your hand when playing tug.

NOTES** 1)She will likely warm up to women quicker than men 2)Prefers cage crates to plastic 3)She hasn't shown any resource guarding since being in our care.

Her forever family is so lucky, she is one of the best dogs I've come across. I can't wait to see her settled in a home that's perfect for her.

Duchess is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00