Sweet Peach



Female, 5 years, pit bull X, 67 lbs

Her name says it all, Sweet Peach, is the sweetest gal you’ll ever meet!

Peach came into foster with no manners, training, or basic obedience, but with a great attitude! Despite being in a new environment and being unfamiliar with the comforts of a home she maintained a happy and excited disposition. Peach is a quick leaner and loves to make her people happy, she values praise and affection just as much as a tasty snack. Peach has loved everyone she’s met and is VERY much a people dog. She will seek out human affection wherever she can. Peach loves to play with toys and is content to play with them on her own but will invite her human to join in the fun. Her little zoomies are the cutest! Peach is still learning what is and is not a toy, she will occasionally pick up a shoe or pillow but is easily redirected when given a more appropriate playing option.

Despite her love for kids, she is a hefty girl and gets so excited to see people that she will undoubtedly knock over little ones, because of this a home with older children would be best.

Peach’s crate training is improving day by day and she is becoming more comfortable sleeping in her crate at night. She will whine for a bit but settles in quickly. It will be important to continue Peach’s crate training as she is curious and will likely get into things if left unattended. Peach’s house training is a work-in-progress. She is starting to indicate when she needs to go outside but does still have the occasional accident.

Peach currently lives in foster with another female dog. She has shown that she is able to co-exist with other furry family members (including cats) however, she would likely be happiest in a home without another dog or in a home with a male dog.

Peach requires slow and controlled introductions with other dogs as she is still learning the whole doggy communication thing.

It has been an absolute joy watching Peach’s personality come out and seeing her getting to be a care-free doggy. She is truly a diamond in the “ruff”.

Sweet Peach is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00