Female, 3 years, Heeler X, 35 lbs

Blackberry came from a hard background, making her timid and afraid of a lot of things. However, after a few days at her foster home, she is learning to trust again, and her playful personality is shining through. She loves to cuddle and receive all the pets and love and is over the moon happy to snuggle with you on the couch. While still nervous during walks, her curiosity usually wins over her fear, and she loves walking around the neighbourhood. I'm sure she'd love to run and jump around in a yard too! She is a quiet dog; I haven't heard her bark once. She can shake a paw and sit - she's an intelligent girl! She goes #2 outside no problem but is still working on understanding that it's safe to pee outside. She is lovely with the adult humans she's met, as long as they are mindful that sometimes a lot of noise and movement can be scary. She hasn't been tested with kids. She would most likely do best in a home without other animals, or with a proper introduction, as she is still very uncertain about them. If you're looking for a quiet, playful, and loving dog, Blackberry is a special ray of sunshine.

Blackberry is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00