Foster Home Needed


Female, 3 years, pit bull X, 60 lbs

Rosie is an excellent dog for single person or couple who is quiet and calm and has knowledge in training rescues. She is a lot faster to warm up to females, but with patience she can warm up to men. Her fav place to be is by your side at all times. Whether it’s in the kitchen where you are or under the sheets in your bed or being your navigator in the car. She loves long walks and hikes. She can’t be put in the dead heat of the sun as she will burn badly. She’s not too sure about water or swimming but can take baths if you go in with her.

She’s highly food motivated for training and knows basic commands and very eager to please. She has come a long way. She wants to play with dogs and can only if she’s muzzled but with time I’m sure her anxiety of dogs can be trained out of her. She loves squirrels so she can pull on walks if she sees them.

She isn’t a barker at all but loves to communicate if you start playing with her. She loves stuffed animals and big bones.

When you walk in the door she will kiss you to death and has to give you hugs. She is a very affectionate dog. Rosie doesn’t do well out of her crate when gone. She will get into your fridge and eat everything. Her diet is raw food, and only allergies are chicken.

Trying to cut her nails is difficult as she isn’t certain about it yet.

She is a very sweet girl, just not with other dogs and I’m not sure how she would do with small children.

Adoption costs: $600.00