Female, 8 months, Lab X, 42 lbs

Bertha is a very sweet, sensitive puppy. In her foster home, she thrived alongside the other dog and the cat, and loved to snuggle and play with them. I believe an ideal house situation would be with another animal. She might also do well in a house with children, too, as she does not jump up and is very, very sweet. She just wants to please!

In her foster home, she found her “person” and loved to follow them around the house. Her favourite thing to do is sit beside her person and snuggle with her head on their lap.

Bertha is learning to walk on a leash. All the new sights and sounds are very distracting to this young puppy! Bertha is also mostly house trained and will sit by the front door when she needs to be let out. Bertha is also crate trained, and while she is content to use the crate as she pleases throughout the day, she would much prefer a family who is home and who she can snuggle with. If she is alone for too long, she gets anxious.

Bertha is very easygoing, and rarely barks, but she is very scared of new people, and will hide in her kennel or behind her “person” if she doesn’t recognize someone. While she warms up to them fairly quickly, she will need someone to continue teaching her that new people or objects that approach her aren’t scary. Like most puppies, she needs someone to help her get used to new experiences, such as climbing stairs or going in the car.

Bertha has really come out of her shell in the last week in her foster home, and I just KNOW that whoever adopts this beautiful gal will fall in love her sweet loving nature.

Bertha is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $725.00