Male, 1 year, Queensland heeler X, 49 lbs

This is a story about Chance, a young, medium sized dog from Texas. He is a handsome boy with a sweet personality and lots of love to give. Chance has a ton of potential but needs training. He warmed up to our family very quickly and plays well with our two preschoolers. He generally walks well on the leash but can get suddenly nervy if something startles him. We suspect he was an "outside only" dog in his previous life. He is not house trained and has just learned how to go up and down stairs. Food needs to be put away since he will grab stuff off your countertops if given the "chance". He plays well with our dog and with the neighbour's poodle. He's fine when properly introduced to new people but gets a bit nervous if a stranger comes straight at him. Chance would do best with a family that has previous experience with training a dog, and who understand that he will need some time and effort to become a wonderful member of his new family.

Chance is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00