Spike (Brian)

Adoption in Progress


Male, 2 years, bully X, 52 lbs

Brian (Spike) is such a pleasure. He is a huge love muffin and follows me everywhere I go. He loves people and as much attention as you have to offer but is happy to sit and chill too! He of course picks one very special person who he prefers if they are available, but still loves everyone else in the family. He loves to play rough (fun) but also chill for hours on end. We have left him alone and loose in house for 2 or 3 hours with resident pups and he had no problems with any destruction or separation anxiety. He is 100% crate trained and you need only say ‘kennel kennel’ and off he goes for the night (or at dinner time or whenever you like to do kennel) OR I am positive he would be happy to sleep in bed with you. Brian is totally house trained. He did have one accident before his decompression but not one since. He does occasionally bark but he is not a barker. Also, he is well on his way to a very good sit, down, stay and wait. He is very gentle taking treats and has no issues with food or toy aggression (though he loves to shred toys!). As for other dogs, he is good with resident pups as well as every single pup we have met on our walks, all sizes and shapes and personalities. When out and about he tries to pull a bit, however, it is purely excitement/joy to meet the other pups he sees. There have been no incidents of growling or barking or hair raising or tail alert etc. as he approaches so it is not scary or hard to handle, but I do get him back moving fairly quickly so that things don’t have a chance to go south. Pulling on leash has almost stopped completely since regular walks for the past week, and interest in passing dogs has remained pleasurable. That all said, his recall is not too bad either! He is in no way ready to go off leash in a dog area until he has reliable recall, but I have been doing it on a 30’ leash in an area where the coast is clear of other dogs to test his recall and he is doing great! Happy to report that he will definitely be a good off leash pup with continued training! He is fabulous with kids and indifferent to small dogs and doesn’t seem to have any sort of noticeable prey drive so I assume cats would be fine with proper intro.

Spike is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00