Age: 5 years
Sex: Spayed female
Estimated Breed: Terrier X
Weight: 55 to 60 lbs
Good with dogs?: Yes if introduced slowly, no high energy puppies/dogs.
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Older children
Special/Medical Needs: No
Energy Level: Medium

Adoption Fee: $600

Foster Home Location: Calgary

Are you looking for a walking/running partner? Someone to love who will love you unconditionally? Sadie is your girl. She is a 5-year-old Irish wolfhound/terrier. She weighs approximately 60 lbs. and she has the sweetest personality.

Sadie is a great girl. She wants to do everything to please you (and be your shadow). This dog has so much personality once she gets comfortable in her home. She gets toys out of her basket to play with and then will play ball by herself. If you are interested in joining in, she is happy to throw the ball to you. She is crate trained and goes into her crate without hesitation. She sleeps in her crate at night but she would be happy to join you on the bed if invited. This means she does not get up on the furniture unless invited as well. And she loves to talk, especially first thing in the morning. She tells great stories. Sadie does not beg and will often not even be close when you are eating. Sadie is not food aggressive and is so gentle when taking a treat from your hand. She loves my big back yard and being able to watch what is happening in the green strip behind the house.

All that sounds wonderful. Right? But does she have some quirks? She does. She has allergies to chicken and fish so she has specific food that works for her. Sadie is working on walking past other dogs without barking and reacting to them. It appears that she has not been socialized appropriately or may have had a bad experience with dogs. I have been introducing her to friendly dogs and she has been really good. Again, she so wants to please. Puppies and high energy dogs are not her thing. Sadie is also not overly comfortable in a vehicle. I think this is a love/hate relationship for her. She loves to be with her people but she does not love to be in a vehicle. She may make a little complaint along the way. I take her with me as much as possible to help her see that it is not all that bad.

Sadie’s forever home would be with someone who is home a good portion of the day. It would be even better if she had two or more humans to love. Sadie is good with older children and adults. I have not had her with younger children. She especially loves men! She has lived with cats and does not mind them. She needs a large, fenced yard or an acreage or someone who is willing to walk her at least twice a day.

Sadie is a very very sweet girl and she’s a complex girl at the same time. Sadie requires a home that has children 12 and older. She can get excited easily and needs redirection. Sadie would do well in an active home.

Sadie doesn’t like rough housing, she will get very upset if you play wrestle or do anything physical to another person. She also doesn’t like being smothered or being walked over.

She’s pretty good with cats, however you have to watch the odd time because she will play rough as a result of her getting over excited. Sadie listens well and telling her no will end what she is doing.

Sadie was not socialized properly and needs slow and proper introductions to other dogs. She has been around small dogs and does very well. Occasionally when over excited she will try to hump, which again she needs redirection to control this. Sadie would do well in a home who can offer her some additional training or has dealt with excitable dogs previously.

She eats very well and loves her duck and pear food. She is very good at tricks for treats too.

She’s the best snuggler and you can always find her under your foot; she never strays far. She does best in an environment that is low traffic, a large yard, and someone who is home most of the time.

Her recall when there’s no distraction is great. She will not come back if there’s another dog and has a tendency to pull when she needs to be ran.