Beauty (Belle)



Female, 8 months, chihuahua X, 11 lbs

Beauty is very sweet, loving and playful. She is always roaming around the house licking your feet or whatever she can reach. She loves giving kisses all the time. She loves to run around and play chase and get very excited when you finally pet her. She eats well, sleeps through the night. She likes to jump a bit but if you correct her, she will do it less. Very important to stick with corrections with her otherwise she forgets.

She is not completely house trained so she needs to be taken outside frequently and then slowly she will get into the habit of doing her business outside. But unfortunately she doesn't follow a schedule and is very scared of strangers, loud noises and big trucks so it is hard to encourage her to go outside. That's why it would be great if there is a backyard. Because she is scared it is hard to get her out of the house and walk her, but she is very smart and will walk nicely once she is out of the house and if there are not too many distractions.

She is not very happy to see other dogs so not very sure how she will react to other pets. She may not be very gentle with very small kids, so kids older than 10 to 12 so they can take impact if she jumps and tries to lick them would be suitable. If she is crated, she does well in a car.

She never barks but whines and cries if she is all by herself or if her favorite person is not around, but she does no destruction in the house. She has a funny habit of peeing herself when she gets very excited or sees her humans after 3-4 hrs. But once she gets used to everyone around, she doesn't pee herself.

Sometimes when she is very happy she gets a bit mouthy but with corrections that can be improved.

She is very smart and has lots of potential.

Beauty is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $725.00