Achilles (Humphrey)

Available/Foster Home Needed


Male, 2 years, bully X, 71 lbs

* Is hesitant and timid when it comes to putting his collar on for walks, but with a little coaxing he will come
* Does tend to jump when his bowl is ready to be placed on the floor but we are getting that under control
* Will sit on command when firmly told to
* Loves to sleep in bed with us at night, and curl up on the couch during the day with us
* Seldom needs to go out at night, but when he does he will be at the door to whine
* Is completely housetrained and will pace or whine at the door when he needs to go out
* Will only bark if he hears something outside that isn’t normal, or the doorbell on the tv
* Sleeps thru thunderstorms (we’ve only had a couple and overnight, so hard to say what it would be like
during the day)
* Is timid when meeting new people and a bit scared when meeting new dogs, but once properly introduced
is fine
* Not a fan of the cats next door, even tho the cats are on leash when outside and not free roaming
* Is gentle and loving with my 96 year old mom and 14 year old autistic friend
* Hasn’t met anyone younger than 14 so not sure but with proper slow introductions would probably be just
* LOVES belly rubs and will immediately roll over for one
* No food aggression when feeding both dogs together even tho we separate them by about 6 ft
* We put large rocks in a large stainless bowl to make him eat slower and it really works
* Can take bone or other food out of his mouth without issue (we tried it just to see what reaction might be,
its not a habit)
* Has learned that he must shake a paw before getting treats or meals and no longer jumps up for treats
* Doesn’t play with toys or stuffies and the only thing he has destroyed is a roll of toilet paper
* Will go in water up to his knees but not any further at the moment
* Can be aggressive/reactive when in the car and sees other dogs but we are working on getting that down to
a whine
* Needs to be right beside one of us at all times, which makes it a bit difficult in walking around the house but
I just gently knee him to move him out of the way to claim my space
* We use a water bottle for “discipline” to stop and discourage bad behaviour. We have multiples around the
house so we can use it immediately so he associates that with the behaviour. It has worked for multiple
issues so far.
* Can be a bit pulling on leash/harness but we are working on that too. We feel if he is the only dog on a walk
he would be much better. Will be working on that part too

Achilles (Humphrey) is being fostered in Cranbrook, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00