Boo (Libby)



Female, 1 year, bully X, 52 lbs

What a precious girl. This girl only wants to please. She is treat and 'loves' motivated. She will gladly snuggle on the couch, or on the floor, or in her bed, or in YOUR bed with you... alternatively she does love to run and play. She has some adorable zoomies.

We have been working on fetch and drop it. We have been working on 'off' if she is in a location she is not supposed to be. For a 1yr old she has some great manners already but sometimes she forgets her paws shouldn't go on the counter.

She is house trained - although she doesn't make it super obvious when she has to go outside - we have been going out at regular intervals and this works well for her. She is kennel trained - sleeps all night and will even head to her bed before bed time is she wants to relax, or chew on her bone. She has shown no signs of food aggression or possessiveness as I have been purposely working on this. Sometimes she grabs toys or blankets that don't belong to her, but she is easily redirected to something that is ok for her to have.

She sits very nice. We have been working on sitting while I server her food, when I put her harness and leash on etc. She is very gentle when she takes her treats.

Kids - she LOVES kids!! She is never found to be too far from her human housemates!! And she is ever so gentle with them. Cats however are a different story. I would highly recommend a house with no cats as she does appear to have quite the drive to chase... she has learned to leave the resident rabbit alone, but we do still have him double fenced for protection. Her behaviour report said she was good with dogs - we have done a very controlled introduction to 2 dogs that had been successful, since then we have attempted introductions that didn't go quite as well as the first two. This is something we will continue to work on with trained professionals to get a better idea - maybe her noises are playful not fearful.

Overall - this dog is amazing!! She will make a family incredibly happy!!

Boo is being fostered in Fernie, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00