Female, 5 years, chihuahua/beagle X, 26 lbs

Polly is a beautiful sweet natured girl. Every day she improves on showing us what a fabulous member of the family she will be for a very lucky family. She no longer needs lifted, she runs up and down my stairs when called, we have had her on the leash often because I don’t have a fully fenced yard, so to be safe kept her on leash until walked off deck into dog run. She LOVES outside, even when it snowed and rained, she is ready to tackle crazy Calgary weather. We have taken her for walks in the evening on leash, she is improving but naturally takes patience, she is busy smelling her new environment. She has never done her business on a walk, not one pee. She has had a few accidents in my home, but most likely with a fenced yard, she will do her business outside if she is out long enough. She still has not barked, she has her own little noises but zero barking. Has no interest in toys but yesterday rolled on a ball by accident and went nuts teaching the ball a lesson, so that was fun for her, even had a few zoomies afterwards. I think she would do well with a furry friend. She has shown zero aggression. The first 24 hours she jumped back if scared, but absolutely no aggression or nips. She sits pretty for collar and leash, which is on and off multiple times a day. She sits calmly for her ear drops. She waits nicely for food, no food aggression, but has shown interest in what we are eating. At bedtime she runs upstairs, jumps in bed, claims some pillow and is out for the count! We left her this morning to see how she would do, stayed in bed until 10 am when we went and woke her up. She needs time to wake up, lots of stretching and cuddles first! So this little girl will play hard and sleep hard. She is very loving once you earn her trust, and loves to sit on couch with me, but is happiest and most content when the three of us are all in living room. It took my husband a day to earn her trust to pet, and each day afterwards got better, now they are pals, but was fine with my daughter and I quickly.

A loving family, fenced yard, hopefully a sweet furry friend, and Polly will be the best little dog.

Polly is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00