Male, 2 years, schnauzer X, 19 lbs

Buddy is a very loving and cuddly dog. He loves to snuggle and sit in your lap whenever the chance arises. Most of the time he'll jump up whether you like it or not. When uninvited, he'll give you a sad puppy face when you try to discipline him. When you try to pick him up and put him down, he melts and makes it hard for you to pick him up. He knows it, and will just look at you.

He's also happy to spend some alone time when he gets a bit overwhelmed. He'll crawl under the coffee table or bed and just chill out by himself for a bit.

He loves chasing flies and tries to eat them. He also loves chasing birds. He loves greeting people and he will try to talk to you as well. He also loves his little orange food ball. Be careful when you go down the stairs because he does like to trip you by cutting in front of you when you least expect it or going in between your feet and scaring you half to death. Sometimes, when he's not paying attention, he'll crash into you.

He sleeps in his crate at night and is fine. Going inside is a bit of a problem at first, but he's fine with us picking him up and putting him in. He's house trained and LOVES exploring the backyard. He isn't obvious with his cues when he needs to go, but when he stands by the back door for a few minutes, then we take that as him saying he needs to go.

He's fearful of things and situations he's not familiar with and will try to snap. We have been working on this. Buddy needs a patient family who will help him work through his anxiety. He doesn't like bikes, scooters, strollers, and runners. Walking on a leash is a work in progress and he is coming along well. He knows his basic commands, as long as you have treats. His schnauzer stubbornness is a constant presence, but since he's very food motivated, having treats helps.

For a small dog, he doesn't know his own strength and can get a bit rough, especially when he gets excited. He will need a family with children 10 or older because of this.

He's still getting used to other animals, so we recommend a home with no other pets.

Buddy is being fostered in Cochrane, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00