Male, 8 months, bully X, 31 lbs

Ferrari’s name does not lie – this little man is speedy and has some serious strength under the hood! He is honestly an angel. Ferrari is so smart and as such absolutely needs something to keep his brain entertained or he will find other, less savory things to do (like stealing – but not chewing – shoes or taking things out of the trash). When catching some Z’s, Ferrari definitely prefers to be snuggled up with you in your bed than alone in his, but he goes into his crate on command (he might whine while he settles in but mostly because he wants to be with you). Ferrari loves all toys and doesn’t completely shred the stuffed ones! On walks and just in general, this boy LOVES to say hi to anyone in his path – dogs and people (he hasn’t been cat tested but I’m sure he’d love them too) and can pull a lot but has his attention easily diverted by some snacks (we LOVE snacks). He sometimes gets too excited and jumps up so would definitely need continued work and supervision if in a home with children. I would recommend puppy classes, both to wear him out and keep his brain working on a regular basis so Ferrari can be the best puppy he can be.

• People
• Dogs
• Car rides
• Running
• Learning
• Stuffy toys
• Rope toys
• Tug-of-war
• Food toys
• Puzzle toys
• Treats!
• Baths (doesn’t mind them)
• Snuggles (when he’s in the mood)
• Ice cubes (including bobbing for them in his water dish)
• Walks

• Is learning to keep all 4 paws on the floor when meeting new people
• Gets bored easily and will go through the trash or steal shoes
• Can get a little overwhelmed with a ton of street noise

• Is he good with cats?
o Untested
• Is he good with dogs?
o Yes, super dog friendly!
• Is he good with children?
o Yes, but he needs supervision as he’s still learning not to jump up
• Does he bark?
o I’ve only heard him bark once at a picture of a dog (in the window of a pet store)
• Is he house-trained?
o Yes, if you take him out frequently he’s good but he can have the occasional accident after playing hard. He also gets really distracted when going to the bathroom so you definitely have to make sure you get him to go (“Pee please” and “poop please” have been working weirdly well for me)
• Is he good in the car?
o Yes, he needs a dog seatbelt and harness though as he will put his feet out the window if given the opportunity
• Is he good on leash?
o He pulls a lot (he wants to meet everyone and smell everything and just go fast!) but is learning very well that he gets treats when he stays beside me

Ferrari is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $725.00