Female, 1 year, Husky X, 48 lbs

First and foremost, April is a husky through and through! This means that:
-She will be a bit of an escape artist, so a secure yard would be ideal.
-There will be whining, talking, howling and some barking
-She has a high prey drive

April is not fearful of people, but she has shown some shyness around other dogs on walks. As mentioned before, April is very prey-driven and therefore cannot go to a home with small animals. This means no cats, no rabbits, no birds, no hamsters, or any other sort of small pet. (Fish are probably fine) While April has not been tested with children, we think she would be fine in a home with children of any age.

April has an injury on one of her paws that is still healing. Because of the nature of the injury and the area it is in, it will still need time to heal. Her bandage gets changed every day and she is an absolute angel about it. April loves belly rubs and stuffed toys. She is not very food motivated, which is surprising because at the moment she is a bit too skinny. (We are in the process of trying to beef her up a bit)

April is very good on walks but gets a bit too excited when she sees a rabbit, so she will need a bit of guidance on that. April will also need some training with basic commands. Although some huskies tend to be destructive, (mostly when they don't have enough walks/stimulation) April has not chewed or wrecked anything in our home.

April is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00