Male, 6 years, bully X, 79 lbs

Dudley is literally the very best dog I have ever met! He is incredibly chill, loving, relaxed, gentle and smart. I can’t think of even one bad quality. He is the Mary Poppins of dogs, practically perfect in every way.
From the moment I brought Dudley home as a foster I knew he was a special soul. All he wants is affection, toys, walks and food.

He is completely house and crate trained. He walks amazingly well on leash which is a blessing because he is a big guy! He is extremely sociable and has never jumped up on anyone. He greats new people like a perfect gentleman. He has no fear of men, women or children with proper introduction. He snuggles up to whomever is willing to give him some affection.

Dudley has shown no aggression to my other dog who suffers from little dog syndrome (sassy). I am able to feed them treats next to each other, walk them together, they even nap on the bed together. They can occupy the same space with no issues. Dudley easily ignores my dogs needy and sassy behaviour and is content just being next to humans. Once he starts getting pets, he immediately leans into you. If you try to stop even for a moment, he nudges you to get your attention and remind you that he needs all the loves.

He absolutely is good with children. I have two boys aged 10 & 12 that adore Dudley. He is a great companion for walks, snuggles, gaming and chillaxing. He is content to just hang out or go for a walk. Dudley is a big guy and I have never once nor have my boys ever felt intimidated by his size or demeaner.

The only times I have heard Dudley be vocal was to emphasize his excitement to play fetch. He proudly delivers the ball back each and every time. He enjoys having stuffies next to him and has not destroyed any of the toys given to him.

Dudley is not a fan of the bathtub, good luck getting him in. Instead, he prefers the pet wash stations. He again is very relaxed and chill when being bathed. He even sits perfectly during the drying process.
Dudley would do well in a home where there is a lot of attention and love available. He deserves the very best of homes. His forever family will be so very lucky and proud to have such a well-behaved loveable dog in their life.

Dudley is being fostered in Airdrie.

Adoption costs: $600.00