Shakespeare (Happy)



Male, 1 year, bully X, 65 lbs

I am such a good boy, seriously! I like to go with the flow of your day, you don't have to worry about any barks interrupting your Zoom meetings because I just don't feel like using my voice, my body language tells you what you need to know and I am forever patient. All I ask in return is plenty of pets and cuddles! I do well on walks, I really like to run and my favorite morning routine is dancing in excitement for my breakfast, rolling in the grass, running up to my foster mom for some pets then going off to pee. I've yet to go for a car ride but I can't see it being an issue at all. I've made zero accidents in the house, though I did step in my poop once when trying to cover it up and I might've flicked it at my foster mom. Soooo just be mindful of my happy feet! Also I had a kennel buddy at the shelter in Texas, and apparently we did very well together! Here's what my foster mom would say about me.
Happy (Shakespeare) doesn't know his name super well yet, either name in fact. But Happy suits him as he really is Happy! I believe he'd do well in a home that shows him the patience he needs to really blossom, while being active enough to tire him out. I like to walk him twice a day making the evening walk a bit longer. He has been tested with other humans and men, he does very well around them and just wants to get some pets from everyone. I've yet to see indicators of a prey drive. If you tell him no he will listen. He does get really excited when he sees another dog because he just wants to say hello. He's doing well at learning to only focus on me and the rewards I'm giving him when a distracting situation arises. He's cautious on hardwood floors, just give him some encouragement but he'll get there quickly. He has not been tested with kids being with me, but he did okay with the young boy at the shelter he came from. Now that he's gotten comfortable, he is not the biggest fan of his kennel, but I know he can be easily retrained to it. This handsome man just wants to be a part of your life. He'll need proper training from the basics to advanced but he will pick up quickly. He's also not huge on toys at this point but I'm sure in time he could like them, till then a good game of chase will suffice. This is Happy's time to enjoy life with the lucky and wonderful people that adopt him.

Shakespeare (Happy) is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00