Christi (Tigress)



Female, 1 to 2 years, Queensland heeler X

Tigress came into our care on the May 3 transport from Texas. We don’t know a lot about her other than she was an owner surrender.

The rescue she came from thought she was maybe 2 years old but I think she is not older than 1. She has a lot of puppy energy. She would do amazing with an active to moderate family. She would love to have another dog her size to play with. She plays well with my 6 pound rescue and is so gentle with her but she is totally holding back. She would also love to be an only child.

Tigress listens well to redirection. Because of this I have introduced her to my cats and I now know she would be ok with cats that are dog savvy. She likes to bug them if they don’t put her in her place.

Tigress is a bit stand offish when she meets new people. I find it best to just ignore her until she realizes that the new person is not a threat. It does not take her long to warm up.

Tigress loves spending her time with her people, whatever that looks like; outside, playing, on the couch, etc. She would be amazing with older children - tested. I personally think she would be great with children of all ages but suggest older as she can be very bouncy at times.

Tigress will need lots of chew toys to keep her busy and to train her what she can chew and what she can’t. She does really well in her kennel. I have been putting her in there at night. I leave the door open during the day and on occasion she will go nap in there.

Tigress can react to loud noises and quick movements by getting scared. She sometimes can pee herself too during these times. I think she may have been abused at some point. I have been working with her on some of this as my house is very crazy so it has been good for her in this regard.

Tigress is being fostered in the Crowsnest Pass.

Adoption costs: $600.00