Female, 7 years, bully X, 77 lbs

Leona is an amazing girl. She loves attention and is amazing with people, mostly adults who she actively seeks attention. She is house trained and listens to commands very well. She walks well and doesn't pull unless she sees another animal where she may pull a little but is very responsive and listens if you try to gain her attention again.

Leona really enjoys spending time with other people. She is very playful and cuddly and is not very high-energy. She enjoys walks but we keep them shorter (around 20 mins- 30 mins) and a few a day because her hips start to bother her if she is walked too long.

Leona would be best suited for a person who has no kids or pets and can keep her away from other animals. She can be left alone without any issues but will like to spend time with that person when they are around. This person must be willing to take her on walks because that is when she chooses to go to the washroom as opposed to being in the yard.

About Her Point Form:

• Excellent with adults (especially ladies).
• Good around kids but just doesn't seem to take interest in them.
• Loves walks (we go on 3x 20-30 min walks a day otherwise her hips start getting sore)
• Walks great on a leash although she may be distracted by other animals she just needs a reminder to behave and she is good.
• Cannot be around other pets.
• She does not bark in the house. Even if people come in unannounced.
• She is house trained.
• She is good in cars but can be overwhelmed by vehicles with loud mufflers (in cars or outside of them)
• Loves to cuddle and demands attention. she will put herself between you and a phone, tv, etc.
• She is ok in her kennel although sometimes she gets stressed. I usually leave her with her bed, and she is fine to stay on that when away.
• She does not chew objects except stuffed animals (dog toys).
• She loves sun bathing

Biggest strengths
• Her ability to listen both inside and outside
• She is very easygoing and not threatening in any way (I stuck my hand in her mouth to take food from her on day one without problems).
• She does have a willingness to learn and responds well to treats.

Biggest Weakness
• She is not good with other animals.

Leona is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00