Chauncy (Chance)



Male, 6 years, bully X, 61 lbs

Chauncy, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Chauncy!

Hi guys! My name is Chauncy! I also go by Chaunce, Chance, Chancey, basically, I have a lot of names! And I respond to all of them!

Some of my favorite things to do are:
• Relaxing
• Eating treats
• Going for walks
• Kissing my favourite human
• Attempting to sit on my favourite human’s lap
Another thing I thoroughly enjoy doing is pretending to be my favorite human’s shadow. If you are ever looking for me, you can be sure to find me only a few steps behind you. Sometimes even a couple steps in front of you. I am sorry if you run into me, I just love you so much and I am so happy to be a part of your family! I would also love, love, love a human that is home often as I am not a huge fan of being by myself. I just recently experienced a large thunderstorm and man, that was scary! Having my human there to make me feel better made it a lot easier to shake through.

I really enjoy other big dogs. Who would not want to live with their best friends!! However, I like to make sure they know I am the boss so my very best friends must be dogs that are more on the submissive side, please! (Chauncy does not do well with other dominant personality dogs)

So I, uh, recently saw a cat, that was an experience. I pulled and pulled and pulled but for some reason my human was pulling back with all their might. I really wanted this gosh darn cat! After meeting a cat, or I guess you could say, seeing a cat, I would much rather a home with no cats, please!

Alright guys, so I have mastered this peeing and pooping in the yard thing, I think it is a little weird that I cannot just take a squat and poop wherever I please but if pooping and peeing in the yard is what you want, I am a master! When I first came home to my foster moms house I did like to mark, I wanted the other dogs to know that this is my home. However, she did teach me that this is not something nice dogs do and so I have stopped doing this! Yay me! I am a quick learner!!

Now let us talk about my daily walks, first of all, I want everyone to know that I do sometimes pull on my leash. My foster Mom gives me treats when I am not pulling and walking by her side, so I am pretty sure that means I'm supposed to walk by her side and not pull? I think I am catching on! I do tend to ignore other dogs on our walks, not that we could not be great friends, but there are just so many things to sniff, I do not have time to sniff butts! Cats on the other hand, I will go for those little guys!

I am really excited to meet my new human(s)! I know my forever family is out there waiting for me! I just have to find them! Or, just maybe, they will find me!

Thanks for reading!

Some important things to note about Chauncy:
*Chauncy is house trained
*Chauncy is a strong boy with a prey drive, therefore Chauncy needs a strong owner with experience with bullies as he will pull pretty hard on walks to get to small animals.
*Chauncy is good with other large dogs, however, he can be protective of treats and food so he would need a home with good supervision during feeding times.
*Chauncy would do best in a home without small dogs, cats, or other small animals.
*Chauncy does have some quirks, for example, he will jump up and put your chin in his mouth playfully, this is something we are working on.
*Chauncy is a vocal player

Chauncy is being fostered near Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00