Chauncey (Chance)



Male, 6 years, bully X, 61 lbs

Chauncey, meet everyone, everyone, meet Chauncey!

Hi guys! My name is Chauncey! I also go by Chaunce, Chance, Chancey, basically, I have a lot of names! And I respond to all of them!

Some of my favorite things to do are:

• Relaxing on the couch
• Eating treats
• Relaxing on the floor
• Going for walks
• Relaxing on the bed

I just super enjoy relaxing and lazing around the house!

Another thing I thoroughly enjoy doing is pretending to be my favorite human’s shadow. If you are ever looking for me, you can be sure to find me only a few steps behind you! Sometimes even a couple steps in front of you! I am sorry if you run into me, I just love you so much and I am so happy to be a part of your family! I would also love, love, love a human that is home often as I am not a huge fan of being by myself. I just recently experienced a large thunderstorm and man, that was scary! Having my human there to make me feel better made it a lot easier to shake through.

I really enjoy other dogs! Who would not want to live with their best friends!! However, I like to make sure they know I am the boss so my very best friends must be dogs that are more on the submissive side, please! (Chauncey does not do well with other dominant personality dogs).

I have not had a chance to meet a cat, what is that anyway? Some kind of weird looking dog? I have heard they can be a little bit on the snobby side! Sounds more like a Chihuahua to me. Who knows?? But I love human kids, human kids make for great friends! I do enjoy chasing after balls so if they could throw some of those for me, I would be so very happy!!

Alright guys, so I have mastered this peeing and pooping in the yard thing, I think it is a little weird that I cannot just take a squat and poop wherever I please but if pooping and peeing in the yard is what you want, I am a master! When I first came home to my foster moms house I did like to mark, I wanted the other dogs to know that this is my home. However, she did teach me that this is not something nice dogs do and so I have stopped doing this! Yay me! I am a quick learner!!

Now let’s talk about my daily walks, first of all, I want everyone to know that I do sometimes pull on my leash, but my foster Mom gives me treats when I am not pulling and walking by her side, so I am pretty sure that means I'm supposed to walk by her side and not pull? I think I am catching on! I do tend to ignore other dogs on our walks, not that we could not be great friends, but there are just so many things to sniff, I do not have time to sniff butts!

I am really excited to meet my new human(s)! I know my forever family is out there waiting for me! I just have to find them! Or, just maybe, they will find me!

Thanks for reading!

- Chauncey

Chauncey is being fostered near Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00