Arie (Barney)



Male, 1 year, chihuahua X, 21 lbs

If you are looking for a BFF who is the biggest cuddle bug ever, Barney is it! He is quite the character and loves to be with his human all the time. He is silly and wiggly and cuddly and can be quite playful.

Barney has shown to be a quite a lady’s dog and is quite protective of his person, growling at other who come to close, so this needs to be worked on. He is not very trusting of men, but over the course of the week has warmed up to my husband, allowing pets and snuggling with him, but still won't let him pick him up or put him in his crate.

Barney has been making good progress over the last couple of weeks, but due to his protective and nervous behavior Barney would be best in a home with no children, or with calm children over the age of 12. I have older kids and he has snapped at them if they get too close to me or him. This may improve with time, but he is very nervous and takes a lot of time and patience to become comfortable.

Overnight in his crate he does great. He has slept through the night calmly ever since he has been with us, but would probably prefer to snuggle with you in your bed! We are working on housetraining; to avoid accidents we have been giving him regular bathroom breaks and so far no accidents and no marking behavior shown in the house.

Barney is curious about cats and will follow them around but had shown no aggression towards them so he should do great with dog savvy kitties. He could really care less about other dogs, he prefers his human company and won't make another doggy a good playmate, that being said if you have a calm and /or older dog that also is aloof and won't bother him, he will coexist quite nicely. He does not like my young hyper pup, does not like wrestling or the hyper energy, however, happily lays by my senior dachshund as they both leave each other be.

He likely has never been on leashes before. Once you gain his trust and he allows you to harness him, he walk alright. Sometimes he bites at the leash but otherwise sticks to his person like glue, making sure you are constantly there while on walks. He becomes more confident as the walk progresses though and does quite well, no pulling or leash reactivity from what I've observed.

He has come from a background of likely being on the streets so he is very wily and will escape through the smallest of gaps. As he forms a bond with his person, he is likely to stick by their side non stop but until that happens he will need to ALWAYS be on leash. I had him in our fenced yard even on a leash and in the house on a leash to keep that controlled for the first few days and prevent any escapes. Again, lots of treats will help forge that bond.

He will need someone who is home most of the time, though he does well in his crate, if left out alone will chew things.

Barney is very smart and catches on quickly, currently knows how to sit and we are working on off (as he likes to jump on his person, won't jump on strangers) and he seems very eager to please. He is not at all barky or yappy like many little dogs so that is amazing! He will take a gentle patient hand and some time to build trust (treats will work in your favor!) But he will make a very loyal companion and best buddy for life!

Arie (Barney) is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00