Male, 10 years, poodle X, 13 lbs

Licorice is a sweet and calm little old man. He looks more Schnauzer than Poodle and is non-shedding. He settled right in and has been quite relaxed since his arrival. Even when he’s excited, he gently licks and wags his tail, but there is no jumping or barking. He likes knowing where his people are so if you leave the room, he’ll get up to look for you. Good belly rubs are his favourite reward, treats are secondary and there is no interest in toys.

It looks like he has had some hard years and would benefit with extra nourishment to gain some much-needed weight. He is gentle when taking treats handed to him and has no food aggression. He also self regulates and will stop eating when he’s full.

Licorice knows that nighttime is kennel time, settling in nicely without fuss once he is encouraged to go in. During the day, he prefers spending time on his cushion in the same room as you.

He’s excellent walking on leash and heels nicely for the entire outing. Other animals and people can distract him, but he doesn’t pull or bark - easily getting back to the business of walking. It is unclear if he is house trained as we take him out for regular bathroom breaks. He has tried to mark inside twice but stopped as soon as he was caught.

It may be hard for him to see in the dark and stairs are difficult for him. He currently does not respond to voiced directions, perhaps due to being trained in a language other than English rather than being hard of hearing.
Licorice has not been exposed to other pets, young children, or left alone so his reactions are currently unknown. However, he was very excited seeing himself in a mirror, very much wanting to interact with his reflection. Overall, he is very chill and would be a good companion dog.

Licorice is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00