Adoption in Progress


Female, 1 year, chihuahua X, 11 lbs

Hello! I am Tia, I am a sweet, timid and clever girl. When I first meet anyone, I am defensive and afraid but, if you can give me time... I will warm up to people (one at a time) very slowly. For the first couple days I will shy away from anyone who comes near me, but when I know someone is safe and I trust them, all I want to do is snuggle up on your lap. I have a foster brother (Hiccup) who is an old Pomeranian, we get along okay, but I don't do well at all with big dogs, high energy dogs or dogs that don't respect my space. In fact, I will snap at any of those kinds of dogs because I am afraid of them. I would do okay with a low energy small dog like my foster brother or a very young small dog like myself. I haven't been around any cats but I think if they respect my space and aren't too energetic I might be okay with them.

I wear a collar and a harness with two leashes when I go for walks because sometimes there are things in the outside world that scare me, and I will 100% try to run away if I am frightened, especially if I do not fully trust my human yet (which I won't for a week or two). Other things I dislike are chilly weather, baths, and kids. Kids make a lot of sudden movements and loud noises that scare me. For this reason, I should not go to a home that has kids under the age of 12. Some other things you should know are that I REALLY do not like being alone. And when I am alone, I will sing power ballads to myself (I can hit those high notes) until someone comes to comfort me. Aside from that, I am very quiet, but I would like to live somewhere where I am not left alone at all or for long periods of time. I am currently working on my potty skills. Some days I go outside every time, some days I use a pee pad and some days I think a yoga mat is a pee pad (the world is confusing for me). So I will need someone who is exceptionally patient and gentle with me while I learn to adjust to family life.

Some things I do love are treats, food, snuggles, playing (have I mentioned squeaker toys? It took me a week to figure out that I LOVE squeakers) and I love ALWAYS hiding under my foster mom's feet. Some things I am getting pretty good at are: fetch, thrashing squeak toys, and walking on a leash. I also would like to give endless snuggles, sleep in your bed and shower you with kisses once I know you love me for sure! I will follow instructions like sit and stay sometimes if you are willing to bribe me with treats. I love treats so much that if you leave people treats out anywhere that I can smell them, I will put my clever mind to work and find a way to reach those treats when no one is looking. Did I mention I am working on my manners as well? I like to be up on the furniture you see, but I am slowly figuring out that I should be invited first. I am a really happy and playful dog once I am comfortable.

Anyhow, if you have a quiet home, exponential patience and would like a sweet little friend to keep your lap warm please apply to adopt me, because I would really like to start my furever home life.

Tia is being fostered in Spruce Grove, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00