Male, 4 years, chihuahua X, 15 lbs

Hey All Ya’ll, I’m Popeye!

I’ve had a good first week in Canada and have decompressed nicely. The first 3 skills on my pupper resume are as follows: Great sleeper, hungry eater, and amazing massage getter. Yes these are skills, and yes I’m thinking of turning Pro.

I have gotten into the daily routine of sleeping through the night without a peep and finding ‘my special spot’ in the yard to do both of my businesses (right after waking up, and right before bed).
I am house trained – you’re welcome. 

My foster mommy does fluff and warm up my crate blanket in the dryer before bed, and I do get a small cube of cheese along with an armpit and ear massage before closing my peepers for the night. Ears, armpits, elbows, and my tummy are my faves and they make me so relaxed I can actually sleep standing up while receiving.
I’m not overly a cuddler, but I love being cuddled. I dig treats and snacks, sniffs in the yard, and walks. Not too sure of the leash yet; I’m a bit pokey, but my confidence is growing by the day.

1.My dog pillow. Cozy sleeps and it’s my safe spot. It makes me snore like a bulldozer.
2.Rolling in the grass, sniffing the grass, being one with the grass.
3.Zoomies on and off the sofa as I make it rain pillows. As I am not allowed on the furniture, these in particular are my favorite.

1. Loud noises – the garbage truck, motorbikes, some birds…
2. Sudden movements – these make me nervous, and you will find my ding ding tail between my legs
3. Toys – what the fluff are they for?!? Unless they are covered in peanut butter, move on.

I respond well to calm and gentle, and being allowed to take things at my own pace. Having patience with me and giving me tons of encouragement and reassurance makes me feel safe and that I’m doing a good job. My ding ding tail dings extra with praise.

I don’t mind if you leave the house, but I’d rather have you around so I can follow you from room to room until I get to know you better. Once I feel a connection I get a bit more independent.
Routine is key for me and so is learning the house, the yard, and the neighborhood little sections at a time. So many smells, so little time.

I’d do well with a quieter relaxed home with no kids or older kids. I’m okay with some dogs so far, but I keep my distance until I’m comfy. Not sure of cats yet, and kids… well, again, everything at my own pace and as long as they are slow, gentle, and give me space to get to know them. Looking forward to meeting my new family.

Over and out,

Popeye 🤍

Popeye is being fostered near Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00