Female, 1 year, heeler X, 39 lbs

Gypsy is super sweet and loveable!! Her favorite thing to do is be by your side, whether it’s playing with toys or curling up on the couch.

Wants to greet everyone we pass by on the street, lots of tail wagging and scrunching of the nose. I don’t think she’s ever walked on a leash before, her awareness with it nonexistent.

She can be standoffish with bigger dogs initially, but with proper introductions she’ll be playing in no time! Was introduced to a friend’s puppy and they played all night!

We have a cat that she was initially fixated on but after a few days she got over it. I’d say cat friendly if the cat is dog friendly – if they run, she’ll chase.

She sleeps in her kennel at night but would prefer to be snuggled up in bed with you.

Not one accident in the house, she’s good about going outside for pee breaks.

We work from home, so she hasn’t been left alone much. We left her in the kennel once and pretty sure she barked the whole time we were gone. Doesn’t bark unless left alone, even when the doorbell rings and the other dog is barking.

We’re working on her bad manners of jumping up, she’s a smart dog and is already getting the hint. No issues in the car, will either look out the window or curl up in the back seat.

Overall she would be a great family pet, ideally with older children!

Gypsy is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00