Choo Choo



Male, 2 years, chihuahua X, 20 lbs

Choo Choo is bonded with HANK and they must be adopted together. The adoption fee for the bonded pair is $850.

Choo Choo is a hoot. He is a funny little guy. He walks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo with a bit of a swagger. Choo Choo is so eager to love and give you all the kisses you can take. He can get really excited and start jumping on you, but we have been working on that and he is doing amazing.

Choo Choo loves to cuddle and will always give his tummy for belly rubs. Choo Choo loves his big brother Hank and follows him everywhere. He will always make space for himself on Hank's bed.

Choo Choo does really well on walks; he doesn’t pull, but will always follow where Hank goes. He loves to walk right beside Hank, under Hank, even walks into Hank! Choo Choo likes to greet everyone we pass, but continues on his way after a brief hello.

Hank and Choo Choo are both kennel trained and sleep in their kennels at night with no issues. Both kennels are in my room and they sleep throughout the whole night. They had a couple accidents in the house, but nothing since telling them to go outside. While in the yard they like to watch people and love to lay in the sun. They are very well behaved while in the house. They don't counter surf or dig through the garbage.

These 2 boys will be amazing in a home with small children and other pets. A slow introduction with small dogs/cats would be recommended.

Choo Choo is being fostered in Strathmore.

Adoption costs: $850.00