Male, 1 year, shepherd X, 85 lbs

Hank is bonded with CHOO CHOO and they must be adopted together. The adoption fee for the bonded pair is $850.

Hank is such a sweetie. He is an old man in a young dog body. He loves to lay in the sun and watch the world go round. He is so interested in everything that goes on, but is not a barker. He keeps his opinions to himself. He will let you know when it is time to eat, go for a walk or just time to lay down with a bit of a howl. He loves his people and loves to be around people.

Hank walks very well on a leash, although he can pull at times, especially when he sees little dogs, but with some talking and redirecting him he continues on his way. Hank really enjoys his walks and likes to greet everyone we pass on the way. He is very polite with no jumping or barking. When I was visiting with a friend on the walk, Hank just laid down until I was done. He has such a gentle soul.

Hank loves his treats, and is very treat motivated to learn, but the chicken doesn't like Hank. Hank doesn't do well with chicken-based food or treats. He is currently on lamb and rice food with beef treats.

I have not introduced Hank to other small dogs or cats yet.

Hank and Choo Choo are both kennel trained and sleep in their kennels at night with no issues. Both kennels are in my room and they sleep throughout the whole night. They had a couple accidents in the house, but nothing since telling them to go outside. While in the yard they like to watch people and love to lay in the sun. They are very well behaved while in the house. They don't counter surf or dig through the garbage.

These 2 boys will be amazing in a home with small children and other pets. A slow introduction with small dogs/cats would be recommended.

Hank is being fostered in Strathmore.

Adoption costs: $850.00