Male, 7 years, bully X, 57 lbs

Jahi is a mild-mannered prince with medium energy who is really just getting to know the world in a positive way despite being 7 years old. He can be hesitant to try new things, but is eager to please, and once he gets the hang of it, you'd never know it was a struggle. He is a giant lap dog, who loves physical affection and being rright next to you as much as he can, though he is comfortable being independent and is accustomed to his kennel as well. As I continue to spend time with Jahi, his true goofy personality is starting to show through his fear. When in the right mood, he plays with toys, always enjoys a treat, and exploring the world on a good long walk, or just out in the backyard! At the moment, it looks like he would do best as a solo pet, so he can have all the time and attention he needs and deserves to help him be the best dog he can be.

● Are they good with cats: I have only seen him with cats outside that he is vaguely afraid of and tries to ignore, but I have a feeling that if the cat left him alone, he would be fine.

● Are they good with dogs? - Jahi appears to be scared of other dogs, and will growl, even at his own reflection in the mirror. With some proper time and introductions, this may alleviate itself, however, patience would be needed. He has had a rough life, and so many things are new to this guy.

● Are they good kids? - I have only witnessed Jahi with older children at this point, and he absolutely adored them. He loves people in general, however, he is a big, buff boy, and even if he is politely asking for affection he has a chance of knocking a wee one over, even unintentionally. He is mostly very gentle and calm, but when he is hyper, I am uncertain how that would be around smaller children. He has now been around a 3-year-old and has actually taken a liking to her, but the possibility of him knocking over small kids still exists.

● Do they bark? - Somewhat. The only times I have heard him bark is when he is outside in the yard and there are unfamiliar things happening beyond the fence.

● Are they house-trained? - Mostly. I have a feeling Jahi spent a lot of his life outdoors and so sometimes he does not differentiate between where is okay to potty and where it's not. However, he is eager to learn, takes correction well, and has been improving steadily.

● Are they good in the car? - He is fabulous in the car, though it may take you a minute to actually get him in, once he is he lays right down and relaxes for the rest of the trip.

● Are they good on leash? - He is a strong boy, and he does get excited while out on adventures and can be a bit of a puller when he is eager. He will take the correction, as he truly loves his walks, but he would need to be with someone who can handle his strength when needed.

Check out a video of Jahi here

Jahi is being fostered in Kimberley, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00