Jazzy (Molly)



Female, 1 year, lab X, 37 lbs

Molly is a very happy, calm, patient and easy going dog. Her tail is up and wiggly almost all the time. At 37 lbs she is heavier than she looks. Molly is muscular and not fat. She is a big dog in a small package.
Molly has not had a single accident in the house. We walk our dogs often and only once she sat at the door hoping that we let her out.

Molly uses her kennel without whining. I can see that in her forever home she won’t be using it much once she has settled in. She has not tried to sneak into any area of the house that we don’t want her to get too, even if it would be very easy to get around the barriers we set up. She has not taken anything off the coffee table or destroyed anything at all, she is very respectful.

Several times during the day Molly sits calmly in front of us and asks for attention. She loves cuddles. At first she would put her paws up at you, but she has quickly learned that sitting gets her more attention than standing up on us. She likes sleeping on furniture, must be a habit from a previous home. Within a day we trained her to stay off our couch and sleep at our feet instead, or on a blanket or in her kennel.

Molly likes walking and running, does not pull excessively on the leash. On walks she wants to greet all dogs and people. So far we found it best to limit interactions to sniffing. If play becomes too rough or she feels threatened she will growl and appear fearful and/or aggressive.

In the home she gets along with some dogs and not with others. She will be great as an only dog. If you have another dog they should be tested together. She can get jealous of treats or attention. We did not see the same reaction against children; however it would be best to watch her carefully especially with small children because she will defend herself when she feels threatened.

It took several days before we heard Molly bark. A neighbor was watering their garden. Molly saw her from the balcony and thought it was part of her/our property. She calmed down fast once corrected. She is not a retriever. She has no clue what to do with a toy or a ball. We have not seen her in a dog park, don’t know how her energy level might change when off leash. Molly is indifferent to water. At the river she walked right in but did not attempt to take off and swim.

Molly likes treats, but not so much that she will do anything for them. This is fine because attention and approval is a good motivator for her to learn.

Molly is a very loving dog and easy to train. She would be the ideal first dog for any person or family if she was not growling or snapping now and then. The future owner needs to be aware of this and pay attention so she won’t get into trouble.

Jazzy/Molly is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00