Female, 5 years, bully X, 70 lbs

What can I say about this gorgeous girl? I could be here all day telling you about her funny grin, so I’ve tried to point form all her qualities.

• Absolutely LOVES attention. Her tail greets me in the morning, banging against the metal sides of her kennel. When I kneel down to let her out, she’s already up and wiggling her body, and her first move out of the kennel is to lean in for some pets and kisses.
• Loves every person that she’s passed by. Her first move is to sit her bum down and crane her neck up to stare at them with loving eyes, begging for pets and love.
• Loves a great belly rub. Once I take her outside and she’s done her business, she’s over onto the grass and rolling around. She’ll always stop and look up at you, inviting you to come over and rub her belly, scratch her legs, and adore her.
• Is excellent in her kennel. This is her happy, safe place, and she spends most of her day in there snoozing.
• Zero accidents inside.
• Great physical handling. So far I’ve had to remove a tick (ouch, with tweezers), clean her ears, and I’ve even held her head, lifting her mouth to look at her teeth. Lady doesn’t bat an eye and sits patiently for you to finish.
• No resource guarding. While she hasn’t seemed particularly interested in toys, she’s allowed me to be beside and pet her while eating, and I’ve hand fed her as well. She takes treats very gently.
• Doesn’t need a lot of exercise. As a more senior dog, Lady seems content with the few short walks a day we take.

What does Lady need?
• Leadership. Lady grew up most of her life as a guard dog on a chain, used for breeding and guarding. Despite this, her loving nature makes her want to please her owner. Using your calm, assertive energy, you’ll find her consistently looking to you for direction.
• To be the only animal in the home (no cats either please). While in foster I have been keeping Lady purposefully away from other dogs, but on outside trips even a vocal dog 50 ft away will bring out her guarding behavior, starting with whining and a high pitched nervous bark. Lady has poor eyesight from 1 eye, and I believe the lack of it combined with her guarding behavior is fear based – she’s warding off the other animals. Regardless, this can be managed – with corrections and walking away from the other animal, Lady stops this behavior, shakes off the agitation and continues on her walk. A large fenced in yard would work well for her.
• Given the above I would recommend a home without children. A calm and quiet environment brings out the best in her.
• Most of all, love, attention and patience. All this girl wants is to love and be loved

Lady is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00