Big Bruno



Age: 2 years

Sex: Neutered male

Estimated Breed: Boxer X

Weight: 55 lbs

Good with dogs?: Dog selective, female recommended

Good with cats?: No

Good with children?: Older children

Special/Medical Needs: No

Energy Level: Low / Medium

Big Bruno isn’t too big, only about 50 pounds, but he is big in personality and love! He is extremely affectionate and loves being with his people. Bruno is living the country life right now with his foster family, but we think he would be great as a city dog, he prefers the luxurious life on cushy beds rather than outdoors.

He learns fast and is eager to please, so training has been quick - he has come a long way in the past nine months! Big Bruno can be crated with no issues, he walks in by himself and happily relaxes. He is great with car rides, walks well on leash (just watch for squirrels!), and is bathroom trained. He knows his basic commands and can sit/stay when asked. He even sits and waits for “OK” before eating. We can count on one hand how many times we have heard him bark, he is a quiet dog and only gets vocal when he is wrestling with his sister in the yard.

Big Bruno lives with lots of critters, big and small. He might be ok with dog-savvy cats, but we haven’t tested him indoors so are unsure. He does love to chase, so we think it would be best if he didn’t live with other little animals. He has a doggy brother and sister, he gets along with all the female dogs he has met, but he is selective with male dogs. We suggest that he be the only dog, or with another passive/submissive female dog sibling.

He hasn’t been exposed to many small children. He can be grabby with treats and easily excited, so we suggest dog-savvy kids, or 10+. He loves our 9 yr old nephew, they are inseparable when he visits!

Big Bruno loves to play with other dogs, and can go for long walks, but in general he is more of a couch potato. He still has some things he is working on, like inhibition control, recall and food reactivity, but we think that he will improve with consistency and training with the right family.

Big Bruno is such a loving dog, he really attaches himself to his people. We hope the right person comes along soon, so he can start his next chapter with his forever family.