Female, 13 years, poodle X, 16 lbs

Mimi is a sweet, quiet, calm senior who is the most gentle sweetheart out there. She has barked a handful of times; when she wasn't quite ready to go to bed or is ready to start the day and wants out. She sleeps in her crate in a room shut by a baby gate so she always has access to food, water and a pee pad.

As a more mature lady, Mimi has many senior traits including having bumps and lumps, some muscle loss, avoiding stairs, taking heart meds and eye drops twice a day plus sometimes having an accident during night, but hits the pee pad almost all the time. Since she is so quiet, she indicates her need to go out by walking past the door many times. Letting her out often for potty breaks is recommended throughout the day and this helps minimize the night accidents.

Mimi has congestive heart failure and is on daily medication for the management of it. She will be on this medication for the rest of her life but easily takes her meds in pill pockets or wrapped in other tasty treats. She is on low protein kibble but is much happier when it is combined with similar canned wet food.

Mimi has muscle loss so has troubles with stairs and non-carpeted floors as her back end sometimes slips out from her (not that it stops her during her zoomies!!). She will do about three stairs, especially going down easily. That said, after her walks when she is full of energy and thinks she's a puppy, she goes up four or five without much difficulty.

Mimi is excellent in the car, doesn't have any separation anxiety or resource guard and absolutely LOVES walks, no matter the weather! Because she's in her sunshine years, we let her lead the way as she likes to smell the flowers and meet other dogs and she is living her best life after a walk! Mimi is so happy and smiles while having some great zoomies after walks. Sometimes, her zoomies will come out after just being outside for some time! Mimi is good around other dogs, and probably cats, as long as they respect her space and abilities but she will play with them.

Mimi's past must have been rough as she is initially hesitant, but she now walks toward an outstretched hand knowing it means some love and attention or treats!! She is nervous when touched around her back end or nose/mouth, doesn't like to be picked up and if pushed too much or scared, will open her mouth and move her head to nip. We see that Mimi is learning to trust, but old habits die hard, so she is a work in progress with respect to feeling safe, but her nips have transformed into a gentle mouthing. If done slowly and correctly, she'll allow you to pick her up.

Mimi puddles into your hand with a good scratch behind and under her ears for as long as you're willing and enjoys gentle massage most everywhere else. She simply melts everyone's heart who gets to know her and will bring so much love to her forever home.

The most successful and rewarding forever home for Mimi will have:
-big, patient hearts
-experience with senior dogs
-someone home most of the time, preferably with an enclosed yard
-experience giving meds, including eye drops
-can afford her meds and (probably) a special diet
-not necessarily a pet free home, but current pets have similar personality
-no small children or have kids familiar with senior dogs and their limitations
-lots and lots of love to give

Mimi just melts everyone's heart who gets to know her and will bring so much love to her forever home.

Mimi is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00