Female, 13 years, poodle X, 14 lbs

Mimi is such a sweet dog. She loves to go for short walks and does well on a leash. Right now, Mimi has a great appetite mostly due to her body trying to catch up with weight loss. She is friendly to our dog, my teens and husband. There is absolutely zero aggression for food. She won’t have any accidents in the house if I keep on top of her potty breaks. She is really good with sleeping in her crate also, only when she goes in (the first 3-4 minutes she might bark to complain on why she is in the crate, 😂) right after, she settles and she sleeps well throughout the night.

She loves when you scratch behind her ears, the only thing she doesn’t like is when you touch her face for some reason. Mimi is such a sweet & adorable dog and will go well with a family who does not have a busy household as she is a senior dog with low energy.

She hasn’t been introduced to little kids & cats yet but I am pretty sure she won’t mind them.

Mimi is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00