Female, 10 years, French bulldog X, 28 lbs

Dimples is a sweet little girl looking for a very specific home. She requires someone who is familiar with bully breeds and the things that come with her breed. She is very strong and can be quite stubborn. She requires a home with no other dogs and no cats or other small critters as she does have a prey drive. She loves to play with a ball or rubber toys and isn’t into stuffies. She loves liver treats and has a very soft mouth when taking treats or when hand feeding. She is a good eater when she is feeling good, but doesn’t like fruit or vegetables. She is great on walks but her body language needs to be watched when around other dogs. Normally she does not pull and has good leash manners. She understands basic commands and listens well. She can be a bit of a flight risk and will look for ways out of the yard, so a secure yard is a must. She enjoys napping on the couch or her dog bed and also loves being outside. She is not a loud dog; in fact she has not barked in a week. She is happy to be in her kennel and does not whine or cry unless she needs to get let out to go potty. She is housetrained and has not had any accidents. She does have some stranger danger with new people and especially takes a bit to warm up to men. She requires slow introductions to people and she will come to people on her own terms. She loves chin rubs and belly rubs once she trusts you.

Dimples is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00