Ferdinand (Luke)

Adoption in Progress


Male, 4 years, chihuahua X, 11 lbs

Relaxed, mellow, chill, and low maintenance are all words that best describe Luke’s demeanour. From the moment he joined his foster family, he’s been nothing but sweet and easy going!

Luke is very friendly, and appears to warm up to anyone who is willing to give him attention and treat him well. He likes to snuggle up next to his foster family on the couch, and sometimes even right in their laps. He enjoys being around his foster mom, foster dad, and foster uncle equally - so does not appear to have a preference or aversion to female or male family members.

Luke has been wonderful around his human foster brothers (2.5 and 4.5 years old), and hasn’t appeared fearful or been aggressive towards them at all. Luke has also been great around his feline foster sister - showing interest and wanting to play, but respecting her space when she’s asserted her dominance.

Luke is crate trained and had only one small urine accident overnight in his crate the first night he was at his foster home. He’s had no other accidents in the house since.

Luke’s favourite items are blankets and pillows that he can curl up on, and seems less interested in actual dog toys. He’s chased small toy balls around, but quickly loses interest.

For a small pup, Luke is pleasantly quiet despite the yappy reputation small breeds get. Luke was a little vocal the first day he was settling in at his foster home, but the only thing he has barked at since is other dogs he sees on the TV (very funny and cute!).

Luke enjoys walks and does very well on a leash. Due to his small size, he’d probably do better on short to mid-length walks. He has done well on walks approximately 2km in distance (25-30 mins), but did get tuckered out and had to be carried for a bit during a 4.6km (70 min) walk he went on.

Luke has shown some hesitation navigating stairs (not uncommon for small breeds), so be prepared to carry him up and down stairs if he needs assistance.

Luke seems to be somewhat of a picky eater, but it’s something his foster family is working with him on. He prefers home cooked food (particularly boiled shredded chicken)and is always in the kitchen looking for handouts when his foster mom is cooking. He doesn’t appear to particularly enjoy dry kibble or wet dog food, but he is starting to learn to eat what is provided as his foster family limits the amount of home cooked food given. He’s always up for a dog treat though!

Luke is awaiting his neutering procedure and will have his back dewclaws removed at the same time, and likely requires some dental work as well (grade 3+ work required will be covered by BARC’s). Other than those things, Luke appears to be in good health. He has had some bouts of sneezing and a runny nose, which is likely the result of being exposed to new pollens and our drier climate (in comparison to what he was accustomed to in California).

All in all, Luke has been an absolute dream at his foster home and is expected to adapt and fit in well with his new furever family!

Luke is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00