Male, 11 months, terrier X, 16 lbs

Marvin is the sweetest boy. So polite and so loving. He is potty trained and poops and pees outside if taken out on schedule. He has not had any accidents in the house. He never barks or is never aggressive. He likes to chew and is learning about toys so he needs to be monitored a bit so that he doesn't chew any random things. But does not cause any major destruction’ will just chew slippers, cardboard and paper pieces. He is not tested with kids, other dogs or cats but as per the observation until now he should be fine. He gets a bit scared of big dogs and is very interested in small dogs and cats. He never jumps so he should also do good with small kids. He is not very playful just wants lots of pets and hugs and be around people and get attention. He is more comfortable with females than males ,but he is not aggressive towards anyone just a bit shy of males, given time he gets along with males as well. He is good in the car and sits in his crate nicely. At night he is allowed to sleep on his bed or floor anywhere he wants right now but if he is put in his crate he goes to sleep there as well.

Marvin is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00