Sweetie (Cookie)



Female, 15 years, chihuahua X, 6 lbs

Meet Cookie (Sweetie). It’s almost impossible to believe that this little angel is 15! In fact, we double checked the paperwork because her foster mom didn’t believe it.

Cookie loves walks and is terrific on leash. Because she is so small, the off leash park might be too scary for her. She is quite shy and needs calm, gentle introductions to new humans. Once she realizes that you are safe, she will happily receive pets, snuggles and as many treats as you will give her.

Because of her shy nature, she would do best in a calmer home or a home where she will have a space to retreat to if she needs some quiet time.

Cookie doesn’t bark and would be great in a condo. She currently lives with her foster sister, another Chi x, and they spend afternoons cuddling in the same bed.

Cookie is missing her front teeth so will need her family to feed her softer food and treats.

This gentle girl deserves a second chance with a family who will spoil her like the princess she is.

Cookie is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00