Surf (Billy)

Adoption in Progress


Male, 1 year, chihuahua X, 8 lbs

We renamed this cute dog Billy (the kid) because he reminds us of a baby goat. If you are looking for a small happy dog, and you spend all or most of your day at home, this might be the dog for you.

Billy Boy is a Chihuahua cross, only 8 lbs. Most of his black portions are (almost) hairless. He is probably a cross with a Xolo (Cholo). He has the cutest shake: his whole body moves violently, his ears fling around like a helicopter, and his feet fly off the ground.

Billy’s tail is up almost all of the time. He is very friendly and cuddly. He walks nicely on the leash and does not pull excessively. He loves people and is interested in dogs, neither scared nor aggressive. So far we have only introduced dogs slowly. He got along with the extra couple of dogs that were camping with us, but his attachment was to the people.

Billy prefers to do his business outside, and he will if you take him out regularly. He has marked in the house, so when inside he is either tethered to me, or in his kennel, or he wears a belly band. This should become easier once he is neutered (operation is provided through BARCs)

Billy bonded very quickly to me, he is very attached. At first his separation anxiety was very strong, he would whine and cry any time he couldn’t see me. It has gotten better now and I am sure in time he will trust that “his” person will always come back. It is still best to not leave him alone for extended periods of time.

It took a few days until we heard Billy bark. I would guess that once he feels at home (takes about 3 weeks) he will be starting to want to protect the home, like barking when the door bells rings.

Billy Boy is a bit of a rascal. We do not allow our dogs on furniture. If I tell him to get off the chair, he wonders: Just this once? Just for today? Maybe only stay off when you see me? Consistency is the key. He will not ask for permission, he will ask for forgiveness when caught. So keep your chocolate out of his reach! He has a good nose and will find it. He is very careful in his adventures, has not broken anything.

He has on very few occasions growled, and even attempted to bite; nothing serious, just a little dog protecting himself. He loves people of all genders and sizes. Small children tend to give him lots of love and I would almost be more worried about Billy than the children. Being stepped on would not be good for his health.

Billy is pretty skinny but this does not stop him from having lots of energy. I was told that being underweight is normal when dogs have spent some time in a shelter. We have him on a special diet (extra cottage cheese) to bring him to a healthy weight. It is recommended to put sunscreen onto the black bald portions of his skin, of just try to keep him in the shade. A north facing balcony would be perfect.

Billy has not been tested with cats. He is VERY interested in squirrels but because of his light weight it is easy to keep him from running after them.

Surf (Billy) is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00