Alints (Brisko)



Female, 2 years, Kelpie X, 40 lbs

Miss Briss is an absolute delight!

She loves love. I don’t know how else to describe it but she will do anything for a pat or even a glance in her direction. Very affectionate. She also respects boundaries and only comes on the couch for cuddles when invited.

She is a very active girl and loves all of the activities we have been doing. This includes camping, the beach, going for walks at the river. She also loves water! She has a constant smile on her face and I think she likes Canada!

We have been around children as young as 4, all the way through to adult age. She loves everyone. Brisko has also been playing with all kinds of dogs from small to Bernese mountain dogs. Briss loves playing with her foster brother and looks up to him for guidance.

Brisko is great in her crate! If she is bored she has a little obsession with shoes. We are working on knowing that is not okay. This seems to be her only issue, we just keep the shoes away for now.

She is a very happy girl and brings the joy and hugs with her. Everyone she has encountered has fallen for her precious smile and kind spirit. Who ever ends up with her will never have a bad day again!

● Are they good with cats: YES
● Are they good with dogs: YES; large and small and she goes out of her way to try to say hello. She’s submissive
● Are they good with children: YES
● Do they bark: Hardly, she only does when someone comes to the door and only when my dog does so she’s just playing follow the leader
● Are they house-trained: YES and can hold it very well
● Are they good in the car: YES she loves a truck ride and even puts her head out the window when we’re going slow down a back road.
● Are they good on leash: YES, she reacts well to correction and loves to prance down the street

Brisko is being fostered in Radium Hot Springs, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00