Male, 9 months, Shar Pei/border collie X, 35 lbs

Darcy is the most hilarious, fun loving pup. He had a really rough start to life, so he will need a patient caregiver with lots of love! He is learning how to enjoy life and trust people, and was a super-scared pup when he arrived with us, but has progressed so much since he arrived that I have no doubts that he will continue to move forward in leaps and bounds. He is crate trained and has no problem sleeping through the night most nights. I’m not sure if he had ever been inside a house prior to arriving, but he is nervous of all things indoors! In slow increments he has figured out stairs and hardwood floors, but gets spooked pretty easily inside and will need to continue to be taught what a loving home can feel like before he settles in and shows his beautiful personality.

Though he is spooked easily, he still LOVES kids and pets. He is curious and seems most comfortable around little people. He has enjoyed playing ‘tag’ and running in the yard with my children (aged 6 and 10). He is very friendly with the resident cats (thoughts they aren’t sold, lol) he wants to play with them and is curious. He is great with bigger dogs as well. He hasn’t met any smaller dogs while he has been here. He has shown absolutely no aggression while he has been with us - even when spooked - and shows no food aggression or prey drive.

Darcy is a young pup, and because he has no clue how to act inside houses, he will need to be house trained (though he can be left in his kennel while you are out and will not have accidents). He also is coming along slowly with his leash, but will need some patience there as well. He is good in the car - he is calm and well mannered and not overly anxious about driving.

We have LOVED having Darcy in our home and he has provided hours of entertainment and when you gain his trust it is a special feeling. He is a beautiful soul and his new family will be getting a real gem!

Darcy is being fostered in Cranbrook, BC.

Adoption costs: $600.00