Female, 1 year, bully X, 50 lbs

River is a very calm, sweet and affectionate dog. She absolutely loves having my resident dog around to play and cuddle with. They quickly became best friends, share toys, and eat well together. She gets along well with our teenager and five-year-old. Don't be surprised to find her snuggling all the way up to your bed pillows in the middle of the night! River has no problem sleeping in late with you either. She is also very quiet. I've only heard her bark a few times out of excitement, or when she surprised herself in the mirror. She knows sit, come, leave it, wait. She will sit for her food too. If you take too long, you will find her sitting and drooling quietly while she waits. She walks well on her leash, though due to her nature she does get excited if she sees a bird or squirrel. Patience and redirection training will continue to work well for her. She loves squeaky toys, and I will also bring those on our walks as opposed to treats. She is house trained and will go outside. She is good around other dogs while walking, but if they react she will get excited and react as well. River would be perfect for any family but would prefer a home without cats.

River is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00