Male, 8 years, chihuahua X, 9 lbs

This sweet poochie has quite the heart, and quite the personality. He’s shown me his timid & scared side, his quirky & silly side, and his cute & cuddly side.
Whatever side he shows you there is one thing for certain, this fur bud will steal your heart & in return just wants to feel safe and loved.

TIME & PATIENCE: He needs a few spaces in the home to feel safe. A pillow, a blanket, a fluffy bed in his crate. He needs proper time to decompress and get used to his surroundings and new people. When he’s overwhelmed, he’ll let you know with putting himself in his crate. When he’s ready to come to you, he will; and when he does, he will be by your side wanting pets & scratches.

TRUST: This is a big one, if he doesn’t trust, he will struggle to bond. When you set him up for success such as routines, taking things slow and small, lots of encouragement, he will leap & bound trust you enough to show you all that is Mugsy. His blinky eyes, nose snorts, snaggle tooth grins, and paw paws on your arm for more cuddles will be some of the sweet gifts he’ll give you when he trusts you.

He does things on his comfort terms – yard sniffs, neighborhood walks, meeting new people… when he’s not ready, be patient and don’t push. He’ll get there with a gentle hand and time to trust things.

STABILITY: He does all his potty breaks outside. He’s done well with crate training and sleeps well in one with his favorite blankie & stuffy at night. He has a healthy appetite and will be your bestie if you have cheese. He loves walks, but it’s a love hate at times with his harness and leash. He knows his name, the word no, find your bed, and stay. We’ve been working on separation anxiety. He’s not a fan of being a solo artist. He is a bit intimidated with other pets so he’d do better in a home being the only fluff. He also seems to choose a favorite person, so in this regard a single person may be his best suited for him.

Mugsy is being fostered near Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00