Male, 8 years, chihuahua X, 9 lbs

This little snaggle-tooth fluff-a-muffin is an absolute gem! He has wiggles & smiles on repeat, & all he wants are pets and luvies galore.

This is Mugsy (aka Mr Mugs/ Mug Bug/ Muggy Magoo/ Mugster). He’s twins with another foster fluff named Chicken Wing, and their older is brother Fatty Arbuckle.

Sweetness runs in the family.

For our short time together he’s done nothing but amaze me.

A few accidents in the house to start, and now does his business outside. We have to celebrate every time he does it. He rolls on his back and he gives you high 5’s!! Awww …melt melt melt. When was the last time someone gave you a high 5 for doing number 1 or 2???…it’s the little things you know!

He’s getting the hang of climbing the stairs, and going on mini walks with the leash. Both he wasn’t a fan of, but we’ve been doing little bits at a time with lots of success (and some cheese… a little bribery goes a long way).

He’s used to being around his doggo brothers so getting a family with other pets would be ideal. He’s been good with adults, kids, and other dogs. Doesn’t seem to mind or be skittish. Curious and wants to lick your leg or hand when he likes you and wants to snuggle… which is often.

With that said, he does get lonely if he doesn’t see you in the room or if you leave the house. We have many cuddles through the day, morning’s especially. He loves to snuggle his face into your hand/elbow nook/or armpit as you pet him.

He’s missing some teeth, and soft food works well with him. We do little servings at a time due to him being excited & gobbling it quickly.

He digs car rides and it takes him 5,4,3,2,1, to cue the Zzz’s and to fall asleep on his car blanket. Every little task I’ve giving him to try or see where he is he’s done well with it. Little bits at a time. Little pauses. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

When he knows what’s coming he’s that much more comfy doing it. Routine will help him immensely and so will praise. It’s amazing what an overly enthusiastic “Good jobby buddy” will do for an unsure poochie.

Man I love this fluff!

To whoever has the pleasure of becoming his forever family please know that he is a special soul that deserves nothing but kindness and tenderness and all out affection.

You’ll be under his spell the moment he smiles at you, and you’ll be wrapped around his little toe and so very glad to be.

Mr. Mugs’ foster mommy

Mugsy is being fostered near Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00