Male, 6 years, schnauzer X, 15 lbs

Amigo is sweet and loves a good cuddle. Seems to love all people including children 9 years or older. Unsure about younger children. He adapted to condo living well but I think a quieter location might work better. He loves walks and is really good on them but does react towards dogs, working on re-direction so he doesn’t pull or bark. He has noticed birds on the ground and might pull to get closer. Cats not recommended.

He’s not really interested in toys but has played a bit. Sleeps well in kennel at night near his foster. Will nap during the day on dog bed or kennel with open door until he needs a stretch or cuddle. Not too comfortable with kennel if left alone as he will bark but unsure for how long. He would probably like his family to be home most of the time and having a house/yard would be great. He doesn’t seem to be scared of any noises inside or outside. He only had one accident the first night so I think he is housetrained. Loves car rides especially if he gets to go for another walk. He does need some work on basic commands. Amigo would love to cuddle up with you on the sofa.

Amigo is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00